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One stop printing & packaging solution
High quality printing and packaging solution of labels / stickers

TOPPAN Leefung Label is an enterprise with prestige credit standing and is a modern company with diversified businesses.

Our core business is the printing of labels and other printing products as well as supplying materials for label printing.

Label printing company and material supplier  
 Label printing service

Stickers printing service

TOPPAN Leefung Label has been manufacturing high quality labels since 1976. With a commitment to technology and quality service, we have developed a reputation of striving for innovative machinery in the printing industry. TOPPAN Leefung Label will always pursue and maintain high quality production and services in order to meet our clients’ needs. We have successfully achieved several international authoritative authentications such as ISO, CSA and UL, in addition to obtaining ISO 9002 since 1998 and ISO 14001 in 2008.

Our range of label products include more than 40 different types including peel-and-read labels, multi-layer labels, booklet labels, pop-up labels, fragrance labels, 3D stickers, epoxy stickers, hot stamping stickers, gift and premium stickers, labels for electrical appliances, etc. These products are in compliance with all North American and European standards.

For over 30 years, we have relied on our quality products and services to gain valuable trust and support from our customers. We will continue to focus on these areas as well as optimizing our technology and craft to reach global status in the future.


Corporate Vision and Mission

TOPPAN Leefung Label's vision is to become a worldwide leading label printing company. This is achieved through our commitment to deliver high quality, cost-effective and comprehensive ONE-STOP printing service, from material supply to printing production. We also strive to provide a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment for our staff as we believe that human resource is always the key to our success.



1976 - Win Label Co. Ltd. established  Label printing manufacturer

Stickers printing manufacturer

1985 - UL, CSA Recognized Label Supplier (till now)
1986 - Distributor of KK Converter (till now)
1992 - Set up of Shenzhen China Factory
1994 - 1st 12-Color Ko-pack for producing Max-Labels
1995 - Set-up of Dongguan Win Label Printing Co. Ltd.
1995 - Distributor of Avery Dennison Fasson Products (till now)
1999 - ISO9002:1994 certificate obtained
2000 - Set up of Guangzhou China Sales Office
2001 - Authorized Label Printer of Medicine
2002 - ISO9001:2000 certificate obtained
2004 - Top 100 Printers in Guangdong China
2004 - Awarded A-Class taxpayer by Guangdong Province Taxation Department
2010 - Obtained the patent of I.V. Hanger Label in China
2010 - Sole Licensee of Fix-a-Form® technology in China, the Booklet Label of "Friso Show Cute" was awarded "Taiyo Cup Label Printing Awards"
2011 - We were awarded on the 2011 Top 30 Best Label Printing Enterprises in China
2014 - Win Label becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) Limited

Corporate awards

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