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What is Fix-a-Form® Leaflet Label?
What is fix-a-form  
What is Fix-a-Form®?

Fix-a-Form label® is a combination of an ordinary printed leaflet label featuring with a self-adhesive  properties.

Our highly skilled network of suppliers, give you different options ranging from the basic leaflet labels, On-pack label, Multi-page label  also called as the Fix-a-Form labels  to meet your varied product packaging needs. All these are manufactured using our customized machinery offering high quality, cost-effective labeling solutions to a wide variety of manufacturers and brand owners.


Some of the main benefits of Fix-a-Form®  labels, at a glance:

  • Requires the same space as a standard label
  • Provides up to 32 pages of additional information
  • Direct communication with consumer
  • Vital end user instructions remain on pack
  • Competitive stand-out on shelf
  • Easy to add to existing packaging
  • Simplifies procurement chain
They are supplied on reels and so can be applied automatically using standard labelling equipment frequently with little or no effect to your production lines. They can equally be applied by hand. The various formats and options mean that they can be adhered to almost any product or container.
A brief history
In the mid 1970’s, the Multi-page label combination known as Fix-a-Form Label® was devised by UK parent company, Denny Bros Ltd. Designed originally in response to the needs of a local agrochemical company, the product offering quickly expanded establishing widespread growth in the UK. Due to high demand across a variety of industry sectors, Fix-a-Form International Ltd was established to promote worldwide availability via carefully selected local manufacturers appointed under exclusive license.

Fix-a-Form International is the subject of an extensive patent portfolio and intellectual property relating to both the product range and its machinery.



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